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  • Drills
    5 seasons


    5 seasons

    Drills to practice away from the dojo

  • Newaza Training

    4 seasons

    Having good Newaza means lots of practice. In this new collection, Superstar Judo brings you transitions and drills to help improve your groundwork.

    The headline act is former World medalist and Japanese men's middleweight coach Yusuke Kanamaru, who reveals a series of exercises that can be u...

  • Kansetsu waza

    11 seasons

    Double Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison reveals her most effective Newaza technique - Juji gatame - across nine brilliant videos, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

    She is joined by eight of world judo's groundwork experts, all of whom coach some of the most successful armlocks ever seen in top lev...

  • Osaekomi waza

    11 seasons

    Learn hold-downs from of some of judo's greatest names, as Varlam Liparteliani, Ole Bischof, Craig Fallon and Mark Huizinga show you their signature rolls into Osaekomi.

    Double Olympic Champion, Kayla Harrison, shows you an extremely effective technique to bypass the opponent's legs, whilst Eu...

  • Kouchi gari
    13 seasons

    Kouchi gari

    13 seasons

    Numerous Olympic Champions reveal one of their most effective weapons, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

    Learn classical Kouchi gari from Keiji Suzuki and Mark Huizinga, off the sleeve variations from Kayla Harrison, combinations from Lucie Decosse, Kouchi Makikomi from Ki-young Jeon and Toshihik...

  • Kosoto Gari
    11 seasons

    Kosoto Gari

    11 seasons

    The one-handed Kosoto gari by Japan's Keiji Suzuki in the Openweight final of the 2003 World Championships is widely regarded as the greatest Ashi waza of all time.

    Now it's your chance to learn this amazing technique, as Suzuki takes you through a Kosoto masterclass. Also don't miss the numer...

  • Sumi Gaeshi

    7 seasons

    Multiple World and European medalist Euan Burton offers a great introduction to classic Sumi gaeshi, before coaching three separate variations he used at the international level.

    Olympic Champion Ole Bischof, meanwhile, breaks down his version of Sumi gaeshi into posture, direction and execution...

  • Drop Seoi Nage

    9 seasons

    Drop Seoi nage is one of the fastest and most explosive throws in judo.

    Germany's Olympic Champion Ole Bischof made it his speciality. On Superstar Judo he reveals all three of his drop Seoi nages, including his amazing reverse variation. And don't miss out on the beautiful variations of Korea...

  • Seoi Nage
    11 seasons

    Seoi Nage

    11 seasons

    When it comes to Seoi nage, one name comes to mind - Toshihiko Koga.

    Japan's triple World and Olympic Champion revolutionised Seoi nage with his incredible one-handed variation 30 years ago. Learn this technique, along with Koga's other Seoi nages, now on Superstar Judo. He is joined by five o...

  • De Ashi Barai

    8 seasons

    Based on timing and control, De ashi barai is the ultimate foot-sweep.

    World renowned Ashi waza expert Keiji Suzuki will teach you everything you need to know about De ashi barai, against both right and left handed opponents, with different variations offered by Winston Gordon, Kosei Inoue, Ud...

  • Uchi mata
    16 seasons

    Uchi mata

    16 seasons

    Uchi mata is widely regarded as the most beautiful and spectacular of all judo throws.

    From the nine techniques of 'Uchi mata King' Kosei Inoue, to the spinning version of Ugo Legrand, the Makikomi of Craig Fallon and the unorthodox variations of Liparteliani and Tchrikishvili, there is an Uch...

  • Harai goshi

    8 seasons

    The basics and principles of Harai goshi come from GB's Euan Burton, who also reveals his very effective Harai Makikomi.

    Japan's triple World and Olympic Champion Kosei Inoue shows how Harai can compliment Uchi mata, whilst Darcel Yandzi and Winston Gordon showcase the spinning variations.


  • Koshi guruma

    4 seasons

    Koshi guruma is a fundamental judo technique. Double Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison will guide you through the grips, hip movement and completion of this technique, before you see how she makes it work in competition.

    Also don't miss triple World Champion Toshihiko Koga's variation, where his...

  • O goshi
    3 seasons

    O goshi

    3 seasons

    Judo's classical hip throw is brought to you by double Olympic and World Champion Kayla Harrison of the USA, who made it one of her major scoring techniques in competition.

    Across eight episodes Harrison reveals the grips, set up, entry and execution of O goshi, plus shows a variation against ...

  • Osoto gari
    16 seasons

    Osoto gari

    16 seasons

    Osoto gari is an absolute core technique of judo, and one that should be mastered.

    The fundamentals of the technique come from GB's Euan Burton and Japanese Ashi-waza expert Keiji Suzuki, whilst French trio Decosse, Yandzi and Legrand offer variations based on movement and alternative grips.

  • Ouchi gari
    12 seasons

    Ouchi gari

    12 seasons

    An effective Ouchi gari can be a devastating weapon, and also works well in tandem with the forward throwing Uchi mata.

    Don't miss Olympic Champions Harrison, Decosse and Bischof who made Ouchi gari a core technique in their judo repertoires.

  • Kumi Kata
    20 seasons

    Kumi Kata

    20 seasons

    Grip fighting is one of the most important aspects of judo. Our Superstar Judo coaching library contains over 150 videos of the world's greatest judoka revealing their gripping techniques, strategies and tricks.

    Learn numerous grip breaks, the ways to pin the sleeve and dominate the lapel, get...

  • Ura nage
    6 seasons

    Ura nage

    6 seasons

    Ura nage is regarded as the most devastating of all counter attacks, as it combats the big forward throws.

    To learn this technique, there is no better starting place than Georgia's 2014 World Champion Avtandili Tchrikishvili, who is regarded as one of the world's best exponents of the techniqu...

  • Ashi guruma

    3 seasons

    Ashi guruma is one of judo's classical throws, but it's undoubtedly one of the most difficult to master.

    But if there's one way to improve your Ashi guruma, then that's to take a lesson from double World and Olympic Champion Keiji Suzuki, who produced some of the greatest examples of the techn...

  • Tai otoshi
    8 seasons

    Tai otoshi

    8 seasons

    Tai otoshi is one of judo's most popular throws, and yet one of the most difficult to successfully use in competitive judo.

    Understand everything you need to know about this technique on Superstar Judo, with the basics coming from GB's Euan Burton, left and right handed versions coming from Lu...

  • Tsurikomi goshi

    8 seasons

    Tsurikomi goshi is rarely seen at top level competition, but a modification to it - Sode tsurikomi goshi - has become a well used and very effective scoring technique.

    Former World Champion Craig Fallon leads with both of these techniques, breaking them down step-by-step over six episodes.


  • Shime waza
    12 seasons

    Shime waza

    12 seasons

    Multiple World and European medalist leads the way in our Shime waza collection, as he shows how to set up strangles from a standing position.

    Kayla Harrison, Winston Gordon and Mark Huizinga highlight their different variations of leg strangles, whilst Udo Quellmalz and Neil Adams reveal a nu...

  • Combinations
    12 seasons


    12 seasons

    In this collection you can learn some of the most unusual and exciting combination techniques ever seen in judo.

    Double Olympic Champions Suzuki and Harrison reveal two truly breathtaking combinations, whilst some stunning Ashi waza variations are taught by Decosse, Inoue, Gordon and Davaadorj.

  • Sasae tsurikomi ashi

    8 seasons

    When it comes to Sasae tsurikomi ashi there are not many better coaches in the world than France's former European Champion Darcel Yandzi, who reveals everything you need to know about the technique across nine videos.

    Harrison shows the threat of O goshi can set up Sasae, whilst Suzuki and Go...