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Uchi mata

Uchi mata

16 Seasons

Uchi mata is widely regarded as the most beautiful and spectacular of all judo throws.

From the nine techniques of 'Uchi mata King' Kosei Inoue, to the spinning version of Ugo Legrand, the Makikomi of Craig Fallon and the unorthodox variations of Liparteliani and Tchrikishvili, there is an Uchi mata here for every different type of judoka.

Uchi mata
  • Uchi Mata | Basics With Burton

    Episode 1

    Euan Burton takes you through the basics of uchi mata

  • Kosei Inoue - Oikomi Uchi mata

    Episode 2

    Olympic Champion Kosei Inoue's classical Uchimata. Inoue demonstrates all elements of his Uchimata, showing what his legs, upper body, arms and head are doing before showing the full power of the technique

  • Kosei Inoue - Tobikomi Uchi mata

    Episode 3

    Kosei Inoue's incredible trademark Tobikomi Uchimata, where he ignores the traditional entry step to Uchimata and spins in directly with the technique. Inoue considers this as his special tactic. Truly spectacular

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata - Uchi komi

    Episode 4

    Kosei Inoue, Japan's -100kg triple World and Olympic Champion, demonstrates both two and three man Uchi komi. Repeated Uchi komi is essential for mastering Uchimata; one of the hardest but most rewarding of all judo techniques.

  • Kosei Inoue - Upper body movement for Uchi mata

    Episode 5

    Kosei Inoue shows fast hands and upper body movement to create a reaction in his opponent so that he can enter with Uchimata

  • Kosei Inoue - Lower body movement for Uchi mata

    Episode 6

    Kosei Inoue has a clever piece of footwork to get the reaction from his opponent to be able to throw with Uchimata

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata from Ouchi gari twitch

    Episode 7

    Inoue's incredible twitch Uchimata, made world famous in the 2000 Olympic final. Faking for the rear technique - Ouchi gari - Inoue exploits his opponent's reaction by exploding in with his incredible Uchimata.

  • Kosei Inoue - Ken ken Uchi mata

    Episode 8

    See Kosei Inoue's highly effective hopping Uchimata when fighting against opponents with an extreme left-handed stance.

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata from Ouchi gari attack

    Episode 9

    Inoue attacks to the rear with Ouchi gari before switching forwards with Uchimata to devastating effect. Includes some excellent competition examples, including from the 1999 and 2003 World Championships

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata at +100kgs

    Episode 10

    When Kosei Inoue moved up to the heavier weight of +100kgs he had to adapt his Uchimata to combat the big difference in size of his opponent. Learn how he did it now

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata sukashi

    Episode 11

    Kosei Inoue was not only the master in throwing people with Uchimata. He was also very good at counter-attacking his opponent's Uchimatas. Here Inoue demonstrates his Uchimata sukashi.

  • Uchi mata makikomi Overview | Craig Fallon

    Episode 12

    Former World and European Champion Craig Fallon introduces is Uchimata makikomi.

  • Arm Over & creating distance | Craig Fallon

    Episode 13

    Former World and European Champion Craig Fallon reveals the Kumi kata and how he creates distance for his Uchimata makikomi.

  • Turn | Craig Fallon

    Episode 14

    Former World and European Champion Craig Fallon shows the foot entry and turn for his Uchimata makikomi.

  • Execution and examples | Craig Fallon

    Episode 15

    Former World and European Champion Craig Fallon reveals the execution for his Uchimata makikomi, along with examples of him using it at the highest level.

  • Uchi mata | Euan Burton

    Episode 16

    Double World and triple European medallist Burton shows one of his major scoring techniques.

  • Uchi mata makikomi | Euan Burton

    Episode 17

    Double World medallist Euan Burton shows his very unusual Uchi mata makikomi, which involves wrapping up his opponent's arm and latching onto his own jacket.

  • Uchi mata gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 18

    Burton’s Uchi mata gaeshi starts from his favoured high sleeve and collar grip. Like most of his techniques he has his own unique version of the technique.

  • Spinning Uchi mata | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 19

    Yandzi introduces this devastating and explosive technique to be used directly from the gripping situation.

  • Upper body | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 20

    Yandzi shows the gripping and control needed in order to attack with Spinning Uchimata.

  • Lower body | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 21

    Learn the steps and how to switch from a left stance into the right Uchimata.

  • Right arm and execution | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 22

    Yandzi explains how to finish the technique depending on your opponents grips.

  • Overview | Osoto Gari | Keiji Suzuki

    Episode 23

    Double World and Olympic Champion Keiji Suzuki introduces his Osoto gari that he uses against right handed opponents.

  • Upper Body | Uchi Mata | Keiji Suzuki

    Episode 24

    Double World and Olympic Champion Keiji Suzuki reveals the upper body movement for his Uchi mata on heavier opponents.