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Sasae tsurikomi ashi

Sasae tsurikomi ashi

8 Seasons

When it comes to Sasae tsurikomi ashi there are not many better coaches in the world than France's former European Champion Darcel Yandzi, who reveals everything you need to know about the technique across nine videos.

Harrison shows the threat of O goshi can set up Sasae, whilst Suzuki and Gordon use Sasae as a tool to set up other Ashi waza.

Neil Adams analyses some very interesting competition variations, coaching the finer points in the studio.

Sasae tsurikomi ashi
  • Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 1

    One of the world's leading Judo coaches - Darcel Yandzi of France - reveals his Sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  • Sasae tsurikomi ashi - Grips | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 2

    Darcel Yandzi reveals the grips for his Sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  • Set up with the feet | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 3

    Take a look at how Darcel Yandzi uses his feet to move and set up his Sasae.

  • Hips and head | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 4

    Darcel Yandzi reveals the hip and head movement for his Sasae tsurikomi ashi

  • Foot placement & solo practice | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 5

    Yandzi details the foot placement for his Sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  • Execution | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 6

    Yandzi reveals the execution for his Sasae tsurikomi ashi. Including a couple of great competition examples at the end!

  • Against strong right hand | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 7

    Darcel Yandzi reveals how he changes his Sasae tsurikomi ashi against strong right handed opponents.

  • Combinations from the reaction | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 8

    Darcel Yandzi reveals how his movement for Sasae tsurikomi ashi combines with other techniques.

  • Movement depending on reaction | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 9

    Yandzi reveals further combinations that work when he gets no reaction for Sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  • Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi | O Goshi | Kayla Harrison

    Episode 10

    Kayla Harrison reveals the Sasae tsurikomi ashi that comes from the threat of her O goshi.

  • Sasae, Kouchi, De Ashi combination | Suzuki

    Episode 11

    The Sasae into the Kouchi requires a quick bit of footwork as you are attacking with the same leg twice. He does a sort of ‘hop step’, first placing his right foot down then immediately switching back to his left.

    He does it all from the left collar and sleeve grip that he uses for both Kouchi...

  • Sasae - De ashi barai combination | Winston Gordon

    Episode 12

    Winston Gordon shows his De ashi barai from Sasae tsurikomi ashi.

  • Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi | The Gokyo

    Episode 13

    The Gokyo version of Sasae tsuri komi ashi, demonstrated by Neil Adams.

  • Tatsukawa's Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 14

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses a beautiful Sasae tsurikomi ashi, from Japan's Tatsukawa in the 2016 Tokyo Grand Slam

  • Rakov's Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 15

    Neil Adams analyses World Champion Maxim Rakov's (KAZ) amazing Sasae tsurikomi ashi

  • Papinashvili’s Sasae tsuri komi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 16

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses Georgia's Amiran Papinashvili's Gold medal winning technique from the 2017 Zagreb Grand Prix.

  • Mudranov’s Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 17

    The Olympic champion Beslan Mudranov (RUS) takes advantage of the forward movement of Issam Bassou (MAR) to progress in the -60kg repechage of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • Overview | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 18

    When Dimitri Dragin finds himself in an uncomfortable right v right situation, he has ways to change it.

    Dragin doesn’t look to escape, but instead he chooses to use it to his advantage, it was a scenario he trained for.

    With both fighters being in a right handed stance all their weight is on ...

  • Foot Variation | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 19

    Starting in a Right v Right position, Dragin applies pressure down through his sleeve grip, just like with all of his Kumi Kata.

    This is done by pulling the arm down and into your body, followed by bringing your bodyweight down onto the sleeve.

    Keeping distance between himself and his partner,...

  • Thigh Variation | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 20

    Dragin starts by bringing pressure down on Uke’s sleeve.

    He pulls it down and into his body, and then brings his chest over it.

    Like with a traditional Sasae, you must step around onto your left leg, next to Uke’s foot.

    It’s important for Dragin to keep distance from uke when he steps around....

  • Against A Cross Gripped Opponent | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 21

    Most Judoka will look for any way to escape when their opponent has an extreme cross grip, Dimitri Dragin is not one of them.

    Instead he looks to attack with his thigh variation of the Front Leg Sasae.

    With Uke having an extreme cross grip, Dragin starts by creating some distance.

    Doing so rem...

  • Competition Variations | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 22

    Due to how often Dimitri Dragin drilled the Front Leg variation of his Sasae, it became second nature to him. Now let’s see how he put it to work on the IJF World Judo Tour.

    Dragin used his foot variation to great effect in the 3rd round of the 2009 Paris Grand Slam against Britain’s Miller.


  • Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi | Nils Stump

    Episode 23

    2023 World Champion Nils Stump shows us his Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi