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Classic Productions

  • Kosei Inoue

    4 seasons

    Japanese triple World and Olympic Champion Kosei Inoue is widely regarded as one of the greatest judoka of all time, and is without doubt the leading expert on Uchi mata.

    Inoue's Uchi mata in the final of the 2000 Olympic Games is perhaps the greatest throw in Olympic history. His eight variat...

  • Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

    3 seasons

    Huizinga's Total Judo system covers a huge range of techniques. With narration coming from Huizinga himself, this is an amazing insight into a unique judo mind.

    Across a 14 year period he won 12 European medals, including five titles; three Olympic medals, including gold in 2000, and an incred...

  • Olympic Judo | Udo Quellmalz

    4 seasons

    Between 1989 and 1996 Udo Quellmalz returned from every World Championships and Olympic Games with a medal, culminating in gold medals at the 1991 and 1995 World Championships and 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

    Quellmalz is a master of both Newaza and Tachi-waza. Don't miss out on the chance to see...

  • A New Wind | Toshihiko Koga

    3 seasons

    Toshihiko Koga remains the world's leading expert in Seoi nage. Japan's triple World and Olympic champion invented his own incredible style of judo, including his world famous one-handed Seoi nage.

    Now, learn from Koga himself, as he reveals the secrets to his incredible success and to some o...

  • Jeon, Korean Judo Master

    4 seasons

    Ki-young Jeon is widely regarded as the greatest judoka from Korea. The triple World and Olympic Champion gives a unique insight into his style of judo, and the techniques that brought him so much success.

    Don't miss out on his multiple variations of drop Seoi nage and his combination techniques.

  • The Gokyo (2008)

    2 seasons

    The Gokyo, as selected by the Kodokan, lies at the very heart of Judo and is studied throughout the world by beginners and black belts alike. Comprised of 40 major throws, each are demonstrated by former World Champion Neil Adams and most are followed by competition examples.

    The role of Tori,...

  • Adams & Briggs - Modern Competitive Judo

    1 season

    For the first time - world class coaching and a world class competition on one DVD! Neil Adams and Karen Briggs explain and demonstrate the major techniques of modern judo, focusing on the throws and groundwork that won them so many international medals. Also on this DVD is the Fighting Films GB ...

  • The Grappling Series

    3 seasons

    Neil Adams is one of the finest exponents of grappling techniques the world has ever seen. Many of his victories in European, World and Olympic Judo competitions were won on the ground, including his famous armlock in the final of the 1981 World Championships.

    His extensive knowledge of submis...

  • 101 Judo Games

    Presented by Peter Gardiner, 101 Judo Games contains games for three age groups (6-8, 9-10 and 11-13). Each group is divided up into seven sections, with games for warming up, breakfalling, gripping, tachi-waza, newaza, throwing and rough & tumble.

    Gardiner was recognised as one of the best juni...

  • Coaching Judo To Juniors

    Movie + 4 extras

    Judo changed Yasuhiro Yamashita from a schoolyard bully to one of the greatest players the sport has ever produced.

    Now, as the IJF Education and Coaching Director, Yamashita introduces a DVD which aims to get children all over the world involved in judo similar to the way he became absorbed b...

  • Judo In School Education

    Movie + 4 extras

  • Judo For Self Defence

    Movie + 1 extra

  • Shinjido
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    Unlike any other production before in the Fighting Films archive Shinjido contains a feast of new and highly effective skills - inspired by Judo, Aikido and Tai Chi. Danny da Costa, a Judo 6th Dan and European silver medallist, shows Shinjido techniques devised for use in competitive Judo and sel...

  • Advanced Judo Newaza & Tachi-Waza

    2 items

    All techniques have full-speed demonstrations, followed by close-ups and slow-motion replays from multiple angles. Each technique is divided up into numerous entries and variations.