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Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

3 Seasons

Huizinga's Total Judo system covers a huge range of techniques. With narration coming from Huizinga himself, this is an amazing insight into a unique judo mind.

Across a 14 year period he won 12 European medals, including five titles; three Olympic medals, including gold in 2000, and an incredible 13 World Cup and Grand Prix titles.

Total Judo | Mark Huizinga
  • Mark Huizinga - The Huizinga Kata guruma

    Episode 1

    A variation on Kata guruma invented by Mark Huizinga, where he grabs the outside of his opponent's far leg. Illegal in competition since 2010

  • Mark Huizinga - The Huizinga Roll

    Episode 2

    Made famous in the 2007 Paris Tournament, Huizinga's roll into Oasekomi is a beautiful piece of Newaza. Now's your chance to learn exactly how this technique works

  • Mark Huizinga - The Huizinga Uchi mata

    Episode 3

    Against an opponent with a strong right handed grip Huizinga developed his own version of Uchimata, which enabled him to test the strength of his opponent before fully committing to the technique

  • Mark Huizinga - Uchi mata sukashi

    Episode 4

    Mark Huizinga had a great understanding of Uchimata. It helped him develop a beautiful side stepping counter attack to the technique

  • Mark Huizinga - Ashi guruma

    Episode 5

    Mark Huizinga's Ashi guruma comes from an earlier attack with Tai otoshi. The opponent's reaction to the Tai otoshi is key in this technique

  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi makikomi - left

    Episode 6

    Mark Huizinga shows his left handed Kouchi makikomi from a sleeve grip, which perfectly compliments his Sode tsurikomi goshi. To meet new judo rules be careful not to touch the leg when performing Kouchi makikomi

  • Mark Huizinga - Kata guruma for new IJF rules

    Episode 7

    Olympic Champion Mark Huizinga, a specialist in Kata guruma, shows how the technique can be adapted to the new IJF rules

  • Mark Huizinga - Kata guruma variation 1

    Episode 8

    The Kata guruma Mark Huizinga employed in his early competition days, where he wrapped his leg around his opponents. Illegal in competition since 2010

  • Mark Huizinga - Uchi mata

    Episode 9

    Huizinga's traditional left handed Uchimata from a standard sleeve and lapel grip

  • Mark Huizinga - Osoto gari

    Episode 10

    Huizinga's Osoto gari is far reaching and from side on. He then hops the technique through. Also included is Huizinga's uchikomi for Osoto gari

  • Mark Huizinga - Ura nage

    Episode 11

    From a seemingly defensive position learn how Mark Huizinga launches a devastating Ura nage

  • Mark Huizinga - Ouchi gari

    Episode 12

    Huizinga's Ouchi gari was performed a classical sleeve and lapel grip. This clip includes his uchikomi for Ouchi gari

  • Mark Huizinga - Seoi nage

    Episode 13

    Huizinga's remarkable Seoi nage is performed off of the end of his opponent's sleeve. This technique will take some mastering

  • Mark Huizinga - Uchi mata gaeshi

    Episode 14

    Learn how to counter an Uchimata attack like Mark Huizinga

  • Mark Huizinga - Kata guruma variation 2

    Episode 15

    A more standard version of Kata guruma, where Mark Huizinga performs the technique from two knees. Illegal in competition since 2010

  • Trailer | Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

    Episode 16

    Across a 14 year period Huizinga won 12 European medals, including five titles; three Olympic medals, including gold in 2000, and an incredible 13 World Cup and Grand Prix titles, with a record-breaking 32 medals.

    Total Judo is a four-in-one masterclass, containing three hours of action, 25 te...

  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi makikomi - right

    Episode 17

    To complement Huizinga's deadly Seoi nage he uses his right handed Kouchi makikomi.

  • Mark Huizinga - Sode tsurikomi goshi

    Episode 18

    Sode tsurikomi goshi is a great surprise attack. This left handed variation from Mark Huizinga is performed from a single sleeve grip

  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi gari

    Episode 19

    One technique that Huizinga used throughout is entire career was Kouchi gari

  • Overview | Yoko-Tomoe-Nage | Mark Huizinga

    Episode 20

    Learn Yoko tomoe nage from one of the best in the business - 2000 Olympic Champion Mark Huizinga

  • Mark Huizinga - Tani otoshi

    Episode 21

    From the same grip as his Uchimata - one of his major forward throws, Huizinga has can also go backwards with a devastating Tani otoshi

  • Mark Huizinga - Yoko tomoe nage - double foot

    Episode 22

    In this variation of Yoko tomoe nage Huizinga uses both his feet to guide his opponent onto his back

  • Mark Huizinga - Bearhug turn into Osaekomi

    Episode 23

    From a position on his back Huizinga shows his bearhug technique, which results in a very strong hold-down

  • Mark Huizinga - Juji gatame

    Episode 24

    From a position on his back Huizinga executes his Juji gatame