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Basics With Burton

Basics With Burton

3 Seasons

Multiple World and European medalist Euan Burton will help you to understand the principles behind some of judo's core Tachi-Waza & Ne-Waza in this series on Superstar Judo.

Basics With Burton
  • Ne-Waza Movements | Basics With Burton

    Episode 1

    Euan Burton covers Ne-Waza fundamental movements; how to be comfortable and mobile in all positions in Ne-Waza. These can be done as solo drills at home or with a partner in the dojo and are perfect for warm ups.

    In this video Euan covers shrimping, reverse shrimping, salmon, rolling, bridging, ...

  • Ne-Waza 'Do Not' Rules | Basics With Burton

    Episode 2

    Euan Burton walks you through his three essential rules for Ne-Waza success and ties in fundamental ne-waza movements to randori with a partner. Learn why shrimping is important to applied ne-waza and the fundamentals of why the Japanese women's team is so dominant.

  • Ne-Waza Control - Single Leg Trap | Basics With Burton

    Episode 3

    Euan Burton shows you Ne-Waza control positions. Learn how to control your opponent in groundwork if you get your single leg caught. Euan shows this from many different positions and situations and explains the key points and mistakes to avoid. Learn how to get from having your leg trapped to hol...

  • Ne-Waza Control - Figure Of Four | Basics With Burton

    Episode 4

    Euan Burton shows you the figure four ne-waza control position.

    If you can master this control position, you can be more dominant in ne-waza from many different situations and ne-waza positions. Drill the figure four control position and you'll be able to open up more scoring in contests.

  • Juji-Gatame | Basics With Burton

    Episode 5

    Euan Burton shows you a back to basics version of juji-gatame. Master this classic armlock with Euan's tips and tricks for success. Avoid the common mistakes that Euan notes and after drilling this technique you'll score a lot more often in ne-waza.

  • Sangaku-Jime | Basics With Burton

    Episode 6

    Euan demonstrates how to achieve a basic sangaku-jime technique in ne-waza.

    This includes top tips for success and noting mistakes to avoid.

  • Okuri-Eri-Jime | Basics With Burton

    Episode 7

    Here Euan Burton will show you how to perform a basic okuri-eri-jime and the mistakes to avoid.

    Euan demonstrates a rolling strangle from the side of an opponent. Noting key points such as ne-waza control positions, limb placement and when to apply pressure to succeed.

  • Around The World | Basics With Burton

    Episode 8

    Euan Burton drills ne-waza fundamental movement by showing you the around the world, hold and escape.

    Euan shows how to escape several hold by using the movement techniques demonstrated earlier in this series, and how to drill it.

    You can practice this at the dojo with partners and it will impr...

  • Attacking Off The Back | Basics With Burton

    Episode 9

    Here, Euan Burton teaches you how to win in ne-waza when on your back. While not an ideal position, there are still many ways to take advantage of this position in ne-waza and work toward victory.