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Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Koshi guruma

Koshi guruma - Execution & competition examples | Kayla Harrison

Episode 4 • 2m 21s

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  • Toshihiko Koga - Koshi guruma

    As a right hander Koga liked to use Koshi guruma against left handed opponents, especially when they were bent over

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    The Gokyo version of Koshi guruma, demonstrated by Neil Adams.

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    Ugo Legrand has two variations of Koshi Guruma. The First is his direct attack. This variation all stems from a passive situation, one in which his opponent has taken a dominant grip. From here Legrand attacks, catching Uke by surprise, turning what could’ve been a dangerous situation into a posi...