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Koshi guruma

Koshi guruma

4 Seasons

Koshi guruma is a fundamental judo technique. Double Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison will guide you through the grips, hip movement and completion of this technique, before you see how she makes it work in competition.

Also don't miss triple World Champion Toshihiko Koga's variation, where his lower body resembles the entry for his Seoi nage.

Koshi guruma
  • Koshi Guruma VS Opposite | Kayla Harrison

    Episode 1

    Kayla Harrison introduces her Koshi Guruma against opposite stance opponents.

  • Grips VS Opposite | Koshi Guruma | Kayla Harrison

    Episode 2

    Harrison reveals the grips and arm movements for her Koshi guruma.

  • Koshi guruma - Hips and Alternative Grips vs Opposite | Kayla Harrison

    Episode 3

    Harrison details the hip positioning and alternative grips for her Koshi guruma.

  • Koshi guruma - Execution & competition examples | Kayla Harrison

    Episode 4

    Learn how to effectively finish Koshi guruma and view examples from Kayla in major competitions.

  • Toshihiko Koga - Koshi guruma

    Episode 5

    As a right hander Koga liked to use Koshi guruma against left handed opponents, especially when they were bent over

  • The Gokyo - Koshi guruma

    Episode 6

    The Gokyo version of Koshi guruma, demonstrated by Neil Adams.

  • Overview | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 7

    Ugo Legrand has two variations of Koshi Guruma. The First is his direct attack. This variation all stems from a passive situation, one in which his opponent has taken a dominant grip. From here Legrand attacks, catching Uke by surprise, turning what could’ve been a dangerous situation into a posi...

  • Direct Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 8

    Legrand’s direct Koshi Guruma is done in a situation where he is being made to look passive, with Uke having his sleeve and a dominant right grip over the top.

    Legrand’s first step is to get a double lapel grip. From an inside lapel grip with his left arm, he sends his right arm to the opposite ...

  • Movement Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 9

    Legrand’s moving Koshi Guruma begins the same as his direct variation – he starts with an inside left lapel grip, before bringing his right hand onto the opposite lapel.

    With both hands on lapels, Legrand looks to feed his left hand up and around Uke’s head. Taking hold of a high collar grip, ri...