• Yusuke Kanamaru
    16 videos

    Yusuke Kanamaru

    16 videos

  • Instagram Live Interviews

    12 videos

  • Judo During Covid | Live Panel

    A live panel discussion with Neil Adams, Euan Burton & Nekoda Smythe-Davis to discuss the impact of coronavirus & covid-19 on judo.

  • Colin Oates
    11 videos

    Colin Oates

    11 videos

    Multiple European medallist - Great Britain's Colin Oates - sat down with us to discuss his life in judo.

  • Gold In Tel Aviv | Kaja Kajzer

    Fresh from the podium in Tel Aviv, we sat down with Slovenia's Kaja Kajzer to talk about her Grand Prix Gold medal - analysing how each of her fights went.

  • Uchi Mata Analysis | Ben Fletcher | Fighter's Favourites

    Ireland's Ben Fletcher takes a deep dive analysis into his uchi mata with us.

  • Tokyo World Championships | Michael Korrel

    An incredible in-depth interview with Team Superstar's Michael Korrel. Find out exactly how it feels to fight at a World Championships; the mentality, the physical experience - follow his story from the build-up to Tokyo, to the wonderful scenes afterwards!

  • Rising Star | Patricia Sampaio

    We caught up with the now Double Junior European Champion Patricia Sampaio after her incredibly impressive performance at the Senior World Championships - one of the exciting young talents on Team Superstar!

  • 2019 International Judo Training Camp - Lisbon

    Organised by Renato Santos Kobayashi and Judo Kinhas - The 3rd training camp in Lisbon organized by The Judokinhas Group, on 19, 20 and 21 July 2019 hosted Neil Adams; Olympic Silver Medallist in Moscow '80 and Los Angeles '84 and World Champion in Maastritch '81, 5x European Champion & one of th...

  • Sibling Success At The Tel Aviv Grand Prix | The Fletchers

    An in-depth interview with the Fletcher siblings, covering their success at the Tel Aviv Grand Prix. They cover so much, including:
    -Fight by fight walkthrough, in-depth analysis of their techniques, tactics, and opponents, with unrivalled and unseen Slow-mo angles
    -The dramas of randori toge...

  • Inspiring Champions Every Day | Fighting Films

  • Winning The Tunis Grand Prix 2018 | Ben Fletcher

    Before competing at the 2018 Düsseldorf Grand Slam, we spoke to -100kg Tunis 2018 GP Champion, Ben Fletcher. He discusses his tactics, preparation, training, and how it felt to finally stand atop a Grand Prix Podium.

  • Winning The Paris Grand Slam 2018 | Michael Korrel

    Michael Korrel talks us through winning the Paris Grand Slam at -100kg, and ending the year World No1 in 2017! He discusses his tactics for each contest, the incredible crowd, and also his training regime in The Netherlands.

  • Kayla Harrison
    25 videos

    Kayla Harrison

    25 videos

    We interviewed Kayla Harrison

  • Lucie Decosse
    14 videos

    Lucie Decosse

    14 videos

    We interviewed Lucie Decosse

  • Ugo Legrand
    11 videos

    Ugo Legrand

    11 videos

    We interviewed Ugo Legrand

  • Darcel Yandzi
    14 videos

    Darcel Yandzi

    14 videos

    We interviewed Darcel Yandzi

  • The Making Of Ashi-Waza With Keiji Suzuki | Danny Hicks

  • Keiji Suzuki
    23 videos

    Keiji Suzuki

    23 videos

    We interviewed Keiji Suzuki

  • Dashdavaa, Davaadorj & Khashbaatar

    35 videos

    We interviewed Dashdavaa, Davaadorj & Khashbaatar

  • Craig Fallon
    14 videos

    Craig Fallon

    14 videos

    We interviewed Craig Fallon

  • Sally Conway
    8 videos

    Sally Conway

    8 videos

    We interviewed Sally Conway

  • Varlam Liparteliani & Avtandil Tchrikishvili

    12 videos

    We interviewed Varlam Liparteliani & Avtandil Tchrikishvili

  • Winston Gordon
    13 videos

    Winston Gordon

    13 videos

    We interviewed Winston Gordon