• Colin Oates
    16 videos

    Colin Oates

    16 videos

    Multiple European medallist - Great Britain's Colin Oates - sat down with us to discuss his life in judo.

  • Interview | Remembering Craig Fallon

    We talk to Fitzroy Davies, Winston Gordon and Darcel Yandzi about the great Craig Fallon. Remembering the highs and lows of Craig Fallon's life and career, and everything else about one of Judo's true greats.

  • Yusuke Kanamaru
    16 videos

    Yusuke Kanamaru

    16 videos

  • Live Interviews
    15 videos

    Live Interviews

    15 videos

  • Gold In Tel Aviv | Kaja Kajzer

    Fresh from the podium in Tel Aviv, we sat down with Slovenia's Kaja Kajzer to talk about her Grand Prix Gold medal - analysing how each of her fights went.

  • Uchi Mata Analysis | Ben Fletcher | Fighter's Favourites

    Ireland's Ben Fletcher takes a deep dive analysis into his uchi mata with us.

  • Tokyo World Championships | Michael Korrel

    An incredible in-depth interview with Team Superstar's Michael Korrel. Find out exactly how it feels to fight at a World Championships; the mentality, the physical experience - follow his story from the build-up to Tokyo, to the wonderful scenes afterwards!

  • Rising Star | Patricia Sampaio

    We caught up with the now Double Junior European Champion Patricia Sampaio after her incredibly impressive performance at the Senior World Championships - one of the exciting young talents on Team Superstar!

  • 2019 International Judo Training Camp - Lisbon

    Organised by Renato Santos Kobayashi and Judo Kinhas - The 3rd training camp in Lisbon organized by The Judokinhas Group, on 19, 20 and 21 July 2019 hosted Neil Adams; Olympic Silver Medallist in Moscow '80 and Los Angeles '84 and World Champion in Maastritch '81, 5x European Champion & one of th...

  • Sibling Success At The Tel Aviv Grand Prix | The Fletchers

    An in-depth interview with the Fletcher siblings, covering their success at the Tel Aviv Grand Prix. They cover so much, including:
    -Fight by fight walkthrough, in-depth analysis of their techniques, tactics, and opponents, with unrivalled and unseen Slow-mo angles
    -The dramas of randori toge...

  • Inspiring Champions Every Day | Fighting Films

  • Winning The Tunis Grand Prix 2018 | Ben Fletcher

    Before competing at the 2018 Düsseldorf Grand Slam, we spoke to -100kg Tunis 2018 GP Champion, Ben Fletcher. He discusses his tactics, preparation, training, and how it felt to finally stand atop a Grand Prix Podium.

  • Winning The Paris Grand Slam 2018 | Michael Korrel

    Michael Korrel talks us through winning the Paris Grand Slam at -100kg, and ending the year World No1 in 2017! He discusses his tactics for each contest, the incredible crowd, and also his training regime in The Netherlands.

  • Kayla Harrison
    25 videos

    Kayla Harrison

    25 videos

    We interviewed Kayla Harrison

  • Lucie Decosse
    14 videos

    Lucie Decosse

    14 videos

    We interviewed Lucie Decosse

  • Ugo Legrand
    11 videos

    Ugo Legrand

    11 videos

    We interviewed Ugo Legrand

  • Darcel Yandzi
    14 videos

    Darcel Yandzi

    14 videos

    We interviewed Darcel Yandzi

  • The Making Of Ashi-Waza With Keiji Suzuki | Danny Hicks

  • Keiji Suzuki
    23 videos

    Keiji Suzuki

    23 videos

    We interviewed Keiji Suzuki

  • Dashdavaa, Davaadorj & Khashbaatar

    35 videos

    We interviewed Dashdavaa, Davaadorj & Khashbaatar

  • Craig Fallon
    14 videos

    Craig Fallon

    14 videos

    We interviewed Craig Fallon

  • Sally Conway
    8 videos

    Sally Conway

    8 videos

    We interviewed Sally Conway

  • Varlam Liparteliani & Avtandil Tchrikishvili

    12 videos

    We interviewed Varlam Liparteliani & Avtandil Tchrikishvili

  • Winston Gordon
    13 videos

    Winston Gordon

    13 videos

    We interviewed Winston Gordon