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Dimitri Dragin

Dimitri Dragin

8 Seasons

Dimitri Dragin is regarded as having some of the best ashi waza in international judo

Dimitri Dragin
  • Overview | Ippon Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 1

    Dragin’s Left Ippon Seoi Nage is an attack he executes from a right stance.

    To make it happen he has to create distance between himself and his opponent and have a lapel grip.

    Dragin can do it against right or left handed opponents. But he says it works best against opposite stance opponents, w...

  • Set up & Jigotai Position | Ippon Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 2

    Dragin’s Seoi Nage starts from a right stance and a right lapel grip. You can feed the lapel from left to right if necessary.

    He says you should keep distance between yourself and Uke, and does this by straightening the right arm.

    With the lapel grip and distance from Uke, you step into what Dr...

  • Execution | Ippon Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 3

    From the Jigotai position, Dragin says to start pushing off of the right leg. Forcing your hip further into Uke and switching you weight onto your left leg.

    This starts to lift the opponent up. It’s at this point that you want to step back with the right leg.

    Notice how as he steps, Dragin sen...

  • Competition Examples | Ippon Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 4

    Having learnt Dragin’s Left Ippon Seoi Nage, now let’s take a look and analyse how he executed it in competition.

    The first round of the 2011 Paris Grand Slam saw Dragin send the home crowd into raptures with this spectacular example of his Left Seoi against Turkey's Uzun.

    While side stepping, ...