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Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Dimitri Dragin

Set Up & Execution | De Ashi Barai VS Dominant Left | Dimitri Dragin

Episode 3 • 3m 47s

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    Dragin’s variation of De Ashi against a left handed opponent with an over the top grip can al-so work if they are on the lapel.

    These 2 variations are very similar. The main difference is Dragin doesn’t need to execute the shoulder roll to get the distance between himself and Uke.

    Dragin needs...

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    When Dimitri Dragin finds himself in an uncomfortable right v right situation, he has ways to change it.

    Dragin doesn’t look to escape, but instead he chooses to use it to his advantage, it was a scenario he trained for.

    With both fighters being in a right handed stance all their weight is on ...

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    Starting in a Right v Right position, Dragin applies pressure down through his sleeve grip, just like with all of his Kumi Kata.

    This is done by pulling the arm down and into your body, followed by bringing your bodyweight down onto the sleeve.

    Keeping distance between himself and his partner,...