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Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Dimitri Dragin

Kumi Kata & Playground | De Ashi Barai VS Dominant Left | Dimitri Dragin

Episode 2 • 3m 8s

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  • Set Up & Execution | De Ashi Barai VS...

    With Dragin in his playground area, he needs to free up space on his right arm. He raises his elbow to knock Uke off balance – ending in a perfect position for him to sweep their leg.

    As he steps, Dragin performs a shoulder roll.

    To do this he moves the top half of his body away from uke. This ...

  • Uke On The Lapel | De Ashi Barai VS D...

    Dragin’s variation of De Ashi against a left handed opponent with an over the top grip can al-so work if they are on the lapel.

    These 2 variations are very similar. The main difference is Dragin doesn’t need to execute the shoulder roll to get the distance between himself and Uke.

    Dragin needs...

  • Overview | Front Leg Sasae | Dimitri ...

    When Dimitri Dragin finds himself in an uncomfortable right v right situation, he has ways to change it.

    Dragin doesn’t look to escape, but instead he chooses to use it to his advantage, it was a scenario he trained for.

    With both fighters being in a right handed stance all their weight is on ...