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Overview | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme Right | Dimitri Dragin

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De Ashi Barai

Denisov's Ashi waza | Neil Adams

Episode 1 • 1m 50s

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  • Overview | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme R...

    Dimitri Dragin is one of the World’s best practitioners of Ashi waza.

    Throughout his competitive career the list of those he foot-swept is like a who’s who of Judoka.

    He was able to execute his De Ashi Barai from almost any position

    Although intending to attack with De Ashi barai, in competiti...

  • Upper Body | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme...

    Dragin’s De ashi Barai is executed off a sleeve and lapel grip.

    He starts by bunching up the sleeve, making it tight on Uke’s arm. With this strong grip, Dragin pulls their arm across the front of his body, making contact with his chest.

    He then leans forward a fraction, applying tension down ...

  • Lower Body | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme...

    From the triangle position, Dragin can move onto the next stage. He says there are 3 really important things to remember, to make sure Uke ends up in the correct position: Sleeve, Lapel, and hips.

    To be able to attack the leg, Dragin needs to break Uke’s balance, positioning them up on their toe...