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Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

De Ashi Barai

Set Up | De Ashi Barai VS Standard Right | Dimitri Dragin

Episode 2 • 1m 53s

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  • Side Step | De Ashi Barai VS Standard...

    When Uke starts to move, Dragin makes sure he keeps his lapel hand relaxed, while gripping tightly with his sleeve hand

    He also needs to continue to apply his bodyweight down onto Uke’s arm.

    It’s crucial however that he doesn't put too much pressure down onto the arm, as this could break their ...

  • Execution | De Ashi Barai VS Standard...

    To execute the throw, Dragin wants to attack as Uke’s legs start to move towards each other.

    He wants to use the base of his foot to make contact, keeping his leg slightly bent.

    He doesn’t mind whether he connects with one leg, De Ashi, or 2, Okuri Ashi. In both sce-narios he drives his leg th...

  • Competition Examples | De Ashi Barai ...

    Dimitri Dragin’s De Ashi Barai was designed for competition, as it was based around capital-izing on reactions. Let’s see how it worked in practise against some of the best in the World.

    At the 2011 Paris World Team Championships, Dragin executed this bit of magic against Russia’s Khan-Magomedov...