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Static Drills | Newaza Hokyo | Yusuke Kanamaru

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Overview | Newaza Hokyo | Yusuke Kanamaru

Episode 1 • 1m 17s

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  • Static Drills | Newaza Hokyo | Yusuke...

    Here are four static movements that are important for successful Newaza. All are performed from your back with your head up, to engage your core.

  • Static Drills Combined | Newaza Hokyo...

    Once competent, these exercises can be linked together into a sequence. You can then apply it to a Judo related situation. Here, Kanamaru demonstrates how to perform the sequence:

  • The Step Through | Newaza Hokyo | Yus...

    There is a lot of twisting in Newaza, so this is an exercise Kanamaru thinks is very important. Starting in a prone plank, you suspend your body weight on your forearms and toes, keeping your core tight and back straight.

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