Ugo Legrand

Ugo Legrand

11 Seasons

Double World medalist, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and former European Champion Ugo Legrand reveals his beautiful brand of standing judo for the first time in full.

Don't miss his highly effective gripping strategy, his stunning spinning Uchi mata and his multiple variations of Kosoto gari.

Ugo Legrand
  • Osoto gari - Double Lapel vs opposite | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 1

    Ugo Legrand shows a way modifies his Osoto if he doesn't get his preferred grip - upper and lower body components required to complete the throw.

  • Osoto gari - Competition variations vs opposite | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 2

    How Ugo Legrand has used his Osoto gari in competition all over the World.

  • Osoto gari - Overview vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 3

    Ugo Legrand shows us his Osoto gari - breaking down all of his variations against left handed (same sided) opponents.

  • Osoto gari - Standard vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 4

    Ugo Legrand demonstrates his standard version of his Osoto gari. Legrand shows how his Kumi kata, leg movement and Kuzushi sets him up for this classic technique.

  • Osoto gari - Cross grip vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 5

    This is the Cross grip variation of Ugo Legrands standard Osoto gari against same sided opponents. See how the contact and momentum of the upper body and the reaping action of the leg combine to finish this classic throw.

  • Osoto gari - Off the grip vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 6

    Ugo Legrand's favourite variation of Osoto gari. Legrand demonstrates how he pulls off this surprise attack.

  • Osoto gari - Into Kosoto vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 7

    Ugo Legrand shows how he deals with opponents who are expecting his Osoto gari with this great combination attack.

  • Osoto gari - Competition variations vs same | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 8

    Here we see how Ugo Legrand uses his Osoto gari against opponents from all over the World in the IJF World Tour.

  • Overview | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 9

    Ugo Legrand gives you an overview introduction to his yoko tomoe nage

  • Preparation | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 10

    Ugo Legrand walks you through how to prepare before throwing with yoko tomoe nage

  • Execution | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 11

    Ugo Legrand shows you how to execute a yoko tomoe nage.

  • Overview | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 12

    Ugo Legrand has two variations of Koshi Guruma. The First is his direct attack. This variation all stems from a passive situation, one in which his opponent has taken a dominant grip. From here Legrand attacks, catching Uke by surprise, turning what could’ve been a dangerous situation into a posi...

  • Direct Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 13

    Legrand’s direct Koshi Guruma is done in a situation where he is being made to look passive, with Uke having his sleeve and a dominant right grip over the top.

    Legrand’s first step is to get a double lapel grip. From an inside lapel grip with his left arm, he sends his right arm to the opposite ...

  • Movement Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 14

    Legrand’s moving Koshi Guruma begins the same as his direct variation – he starts with an inside left lapel grip, before bringing his right hand onto the opposite lapel.

    With both hands on lapels, Legrand looks to feed his left hand up and around Uke’s head. Taking hold of a high collar grip, ri...

  • Overview | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 15

    Here is Ugo Legrand’s Kouchi Gari. This attack all comes off of his Kosoto twitch. The twitch is used to make Uke move into a position that allows Legrand to attack with his Kouchi Gari.

    This attack bears many similarities to Daniel Fernandez’s Kouchi, as it was Fernandez who taught it to Legra...

  • Set Up | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 16

    Legrand starts his Kouchi by bunching up Uke’s sleeve with his right hand. With his left, he comes inside Uke’s lapel grip and then takes his arm up and over their back. In doing this he closes the distance to Uke

    Legrand takes a deep grip, reaching for their lower back with his left arm. Grabb...

  • Skip And Execution | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 17

    With the set up complete, the next stage of Legrand’s Kouchi all comes from the skip across. This skip allows him the time to wait and catch the leg at the perfect moment.

    Legrand found that when he did the standard Kouchi Gari step, he would feel fixed and it never flowed. However with the skip...

  • Competition Variations | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 18

    You’ve seen how Legrand demonstrates his Kouchi gari, now let’s analyse how he executed it in competition.

    Fighting Romania’s Danculea at the 2010 Tokyo Worlds, Legrand is fighting to keep the sleeve grip. As Danculea tries to break it Legrand sends the left arm over the top and attacks with the...