Uchi mata

Uchi mata

14 Seasons

Uchi mata is widely regarded as the most beautiful and spectacular of all judo throws.

From the nine techniques of 'Uchi mata King' Kosei Inoue, to the spinning version of Ugo Legrand, the Makikomi of Craig Fallon and the unorthodox variations of Liparteliani and Tchrikishvili, there is an Uchi mata here for every different type of judoka.

Uchi mata
  • Uchi Mata | Basics With Burton

    Episode 1

    Euan Burton takes you through the basics of uchi mata

  • Uchi mata | Euan Burton

    Episode 2

    Double World and triple European medallist Burton shows one of his major scoring techniques.

  • Uchi mata makikomi | Euan Burton

    Episode 3

    Double World medallist Euan Burton shows his very unusual Uchi mata makikomi, which involves wrapping up his opponent's arm and latching onto his own jacket.

  • Uchi mata gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 4

    Burton’s Uchi mata gaeshi starts from his favoured high sleeve and collar grip. Like most of his techniques he has his own unique version of the technique.