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Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

Total Judo | Mark Huizinga

3 Seasons

Huizinga's Total Judo system covers a huge range of techniques. With narration coming from Huizinga himself, this is an amazing insight into a unique judo mind.

Across a 14 year period he won 12 European medals, including five titles; three Olympic medals, including gold in 2000, and an incredible 13 World Cup and Grand Prix titles.

Total Judo | Mark Huizinga
  • Kata guruma - competition examples

    Episode 1

    Modern day competition examples to the new IJF rules of Kata guruma. Narrated by Dutch Olympic Champion Mark Huizinga

  • Mark Huizinga - Tai otoshi

    Episode 2

    After a feigned attack with Uchimata, Huizinga gets the reaction from his opponent to be able to step across and throw with Tai otoshi

  • Mark Huizinga - Sankaku

    Episode 3

    Learn the numerous tricks and techniques Huizinga employed to make sure that his Sankaku was a deadly weapon in groundwork. This is a real masterclass in Sankaku

  • Mark Huizinga - Yoko tomoe nage with twitch

    Episode 4

    See how Huizinga twitches for a rear throw to get the reaction from his opponent, before throwing with Yoko tomoe nage