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  • Sumi gaeshi
    4 seasons

    Sumi gaeshi

    4 seasons

    Multiple World and European medalist Euan Burton offers a great introduction to classic Sumi gaeshi, before coaching three separate variations he used at international level.

    Olympic Champion Ole Bischof, meanwhile, breaks down his version of Sumi gaeshi into posture, direction and execution. ...

  • Uki otoshi
    2 seasons

    Uki otoshi

    2 seasons

    Mongolian Judo's Dashdavaa and Davaadorj reveal four incredible variations of Uki otoshi, all of which they use at the world's biggest competitions.

    This is a great chance to learn the very first throw of the Nage no kata like never before!

  • Counter attacks
    11 seasons

    Counter attacks

    11 seasons

    In this collection you have a chance to witness some of the most effective and unusual counter attacks ever seen, as Mongolian World Champion Khashbaatar reveals counters to Ouchi gari and Kouchi gari.

    Jeon, Inoue, Huizinga and Burton all teach ways to turn Uchi mata to your advantage, whilst ...

  • Tomoe nage
    9 seasons

    Tomoe nage

    9 seasons

    World Champion Craig Fallon was regarded as one of the world's leading experts in Tomoe nage. In this collection he reveals all of the tips, techniques and combinations of Tomoe.

    Huizinga shows all three of his Yoko tomoe nages, Khashbaatar demonstrates a very effective Mongolian variation, wh...

  • Kosoto gake
    5 seasons

    Kosoto gake

    5 seasons

    Kosoto gake relies on blocking your opponent's leg, as opposed to the sweeping action of Kosoto gari.

    German Olympic Champion Ole Bischof shows how Osoto gari can set up Kosoto gake to devastating effect. A fully committed bearhug variation comes from Gordon, whilst Burton demonstrates how Kos...

  • Kata guruma
    4 seasons

    Kata guruma

    4 seasons

    Traditional Kata guruma is now banned due to the touching of the leg.

    But in this collection we reveal how Kata guruma has been modified and can still prove very successful. Both legal and illegal variations of this technique are included here.

    The best place to start is with Mongolian Worl...