Inoue - The Samurai

Inoue - The Samurai

In the most significant part of the exclusive interview, Inoue gives a remarkable insight into his Samurai tradition and the philosophy behind his judo. Inoue reveals his Harai-goshi, Osoto-gari, Ashi-waza, Shime-waza and three different Seoi-nages that he used in competition. We see how Inoue obliterated all opposition at the 2003 World Championships, the crushing lows of losing at the 2004 Olympic Games and a two-year injury absence, and his comeback at +100kgs, when he won the 2007 Paris Tournament

The final film in the trilogy, Inoue - The Samurai, explores the mindset and philosophy of Kosei Inoue.

The film is focused on the period between 2003 and 2008. In the most substantial part of the exclusive interview Inoue talks about his Samurai way of thinking and his mentality going into the 2003 World Championships.

He explains the highs of winning the 2003 Worlds infront of a home crowd, and the devastating lows of crashing out of the 2004 Olympic Games.

In the most challenging part of his life Inoue speaks about how he dealt with failure at the Games, a devastating injury in early 2005 and the death of his brother, all within a year. Despite suffering a torn shoulder at the start of the 2005 Kano Cup final, Inoue not only continued to fight but threw his opponent for Ippon.

Inoue reveals everything about his unique Harai-goshi - the throw that he won the 2003 World Championships with. His Osoto-gari and Ashi-waza - techniques that he used regularly in Japanese competitions - are fully uncovered.

All three types of Inoue's Seoi-nage - Morote, Yama-arashi and Sode - and his special weapon on the ground, his Shime-waza, are first demonstrated in a studio and followed by Inoue's competition examples.

Inoue - The Samurai has numerous art-house sequences using super slow motion cameras and cinematic lighting, which includes Inoue in pre-fight warm-ups and rituals.

In the concluding section of the interview Inoue talks about his comeback at +100kgs, his first training session back after injury, winning the 2007 Paris Tournament and retirement.

This final film gives a remarkable insight into the pressures, emotions and mindset of one of the best judokas of all time. e Uchimata sections.

All this and much more in Inoue - The Samurai

Inoue - The Samurai