Inoue - The Judoka

Inoue - The Judoka

Inoue - 'The Judoka' contains everything about Inoue's Kumi-kata. See how Inoue became one of the world's best grip fighters, how he fought against right and left handed opposition and how he set up opponents for his deadly Uchimata. Inoue also reveals his Ouchi-gari, the foil to his Uchimata. In the interview Inoue talks about winning the 1999 and 2001 World Championships, and when, in 2001, he became the first non super-heavyweight to win the All Japan Championships since 1974.

Inoue - The Judoka, takes an extensive look at how Kosei Inoue became one of the best grip fighters in world judo.

In this second of three films Inoue reveals everything about his Kumi-kata and how his dominance in gripping allowed him to throw so many opponents for Ippon.

The Kumi-kata section shows Inoue's gripping techniques against both right and left handed opponents.

Inoue demonstrates how he controlled opponents with Eastern European gripping and those with an extreme left or right stance.

The second big throw in Inoue's repertoire, Ouchi-gari, is fully examined. His Ouchi-gari, the foil to his deadly Uchimata, was so strong that Inoue won the final of the 2001 World Championships and final of the 2007 Paris Tournament with it.

Inoue explains the fundamentals to Ouchi-gari; the entry, the posture, the hands, the feet and the throw.

To fully understand Inoue's Uchimata, it is essential to understand his Kumi-kata and Ouchi-gari.

Inoue - The Judoka examines the period between 1999 and 2001, when the Japanese fighter was untouchable at international level.

With much more from the exclusive interview with Fighting Films, Inoue reveals everything about the 1999 and 2001 World Championships, from his morale and mentality prior to the tournaments, to his tactics and emotions on the day of competition.

With exclusive footage from Japan, Inoue speaks about fighting in Japan and the domestic rivalry with super-heavyweight Shinichi Shinohara in the All Japan Championships. After losing to him in 1998, Inoue gives an insight into the three years he spent training to beat Shinohara and how it felt, in 2001, to become the first non super-heavyweight to win the All Japans since 1974.

Inoue - The Judoka