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  • Overview | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Here is Ugo Legrand’s Kouchi Gari. This attack all comes off of his Kosoto twitch. The twitch is used to make Uke move into a position that allows Legrand to attack with his Kouchi Gari.

    This attack bears many similarities to Daniel Fernandez’s Kouchi, as it was Fernandez who taught it to Legra...

  • Set Up | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Legrand starts his Kouchi by bunching up Uke’s sleeve with his right hand. With his left, he comes inside Uke’s lapel grip and then takes his arm up and over their back. In doing this he closes the distance to Uke

    Legrand takes a deep grip, reaching for their lower back with his left arm. Grabb...

  • Skip And Execution | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    With the set up complete, the next stage of Legrand’s Kouchi all comes from the skip across. This skip allows him the time to wait and catch the leg at the perfect moment.

    Legrand found that when he did the standard Kouchi Gari step, he would feel fixed and it never flowed. However with the skip...

  • Competition Variations | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    You’ve seen how Legrand demonstrates his Kouchi gari, now let’s analyse how he executed it in competition.

    Fighting Romania’s Danculea at the 2010 Tokyo Worlds, Legrand is fighting to keep the sleeve grip. As Danculea tries to break it Legrand sends the left arm over the top and attacks with the...

  • Overview | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Ugo Legrand has two variations of Koshi Guruma. The First is his direct attack. This variation all stems from a passive situation, one in which his opponent has taken a dominant grip. From here Legrand attacks, catching Uke by surprise, turning what could’ve been a dangerous situation into a posi...

  • Direct Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Legrand’s direct Koshi Guruma is done in a situation where he is being made to look passive, with Uke having his sleeve and a dominant right grip over the top.

    Legrand’s first step is to get a double lapel grip. From an inside lapel grip with his left arm, he sends his right arm to the opposite ...

  • Movement Attack | Koshi Guruma | Ugo Legrand

    Legrand’s moving Koshi Guruma begins the same as his direct variation – he starts with an inside left lapel grip, before bringing his right hand onto the opposite lapel.

    With both hands on lapels, Legrand looks to feed his left hand up and around Uke’s head. Taking hold of a high collar grip, ri...

  • Overview | Around The World | Yusuke Kanamaru

    Yusuke Kanamaru teaches you the "Around The World" drill for improving your osaekomi transition.

  • Overview | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Ugo Legrand gives you an overview introduction to his yoko tomoe nage

  • Preparation | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Ugo Legrand walks you through how to prepare before throwing with yoko tomoe nage

  • Execution | Yoko Tomoe Nage | Ugo Legrand

    Ugo Legrand shows you how to execute a yoko tomoe nage.

  • Overview | Tandoku Renshu | Yusuke Kanamaru

    Yusuke Kanamaru gives you an overview of Tandoku Renshu, or individual practice.

  • Seoi Nage | Tandoku Renshu | Yusuke Kanamaru

    Yusuke Kanamaru walks you through solo drills to practice for seoi nage.

  • Osoto Gari | Tandoku Renshu | Yusuke Kanamaru

    Yusuke Kanamaru shows you drills to practice on your own for osoto gari.

  • Ashi Waza | Tandoku Renshu | Yusuke Kanamaru

    Yusuke Kanamaru shows you drills to practice on your own to improve your ashi waza

  • Michael Korrel vs Robin Willingham | PS2 David Douillet Challenge

    One of our employees takes on World Bronze Medallist Michael Korrel in this edition of the David Douillet Challenge

  • Uchi Mata Analysis | Ben Fletcher | Fighter's Favourites

    Ireland's Ben Fletcher takes a deep dive analysis into his uchi mata with us.

  • Uchi Mata | Ben Fletcher | Fighter's Favourites

    Ireland's Ben Fletcher shows you his uchi mata

  • Sode Tsurikomi Goshi | Michael Korrel | Fighter's Favourites

    Michael Korrel lets you know the secret to his Sode Tsurikomi Goshi

  • Tokyo World Championships | Michael Korrel

    An incredible in-depth interview with Team Superstar's Michael Korrel. Find out exactly how it feels to fight at a World Championships; the mentality, the physical experience - follow his story from the build-up to Tokyo, to the wonderful scenes afterwards!

  • 101 Judo Games

    Presented by Peter Gardiner, 101 Judo Games contains games for three age groups (6-8, 9-10 and 11-13). Each group is divided up into seven sections, with games for warming up, breakfalling, gripping, tachi-waza, newaza, throwing and rough & tumble.

    Gardiner was recognised as one of the best juni...

  • 2019 World Judo Championships | Tokyo

    Welcome to Japan and its capital city Tokyo which now hosts the 2019 World Judo Championships.

    It was here that the Kodokan was founded by Dr Kano Jigoro... and it was attended by guests including Her Imperial Highness Princess Tomohito of Mikasa and IJF President Mr Marius Vizer who came for an...

  • 2019 World Judo Team Championships | Tokyo

    Welcome back to Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan arena, which over the past week has witnessed some incredible judo as 14 World Championship titles have been decided.

    But there is now one more title up for grabs as we come to the team event.

    In a format widely praised for its focus on gender equality, 3 ...

  • Rising Star | Patricia Sampaio

    We caught up with the now Double Junior European Champion Patricia Sampaio after her incredibly impressive performance at the Senior World Championships - one of the exciting young talents on Team Superstar!