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Kouchi gari

Kouchi gari

13 Seasons

Numerous Olympic Champions reveal one of their most effective weapons, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

Learn classical Kouchi gari from Keiji Suzuki and Mark Huizinga, off the sleeve variations from Kayla Harrison, combinations from Lucie Decosse, Kouchi Makikomi from Ki-young Jeon and Toshihiko Koga, and Kouchi gake from Ole Bischof.

Kouchi gari
  • Overview | Kouchi Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 1

    Kouchi gari is a key technique in Kirill Denisov’s judo.

    The five time World medallist uses Kouchi not only to score, but to destabilise opponents and to set up his major throws.

    He mainly uses it when up against right handed opponents, and as well as a classical Kouchi, he has two other main v...

  • Double Tap Variation | Kouchi Gari | Kirill Densiov

    Episode 2

    Kirill Denisov is a left handed fighter, so throws with left Kouchi gari.

    He uses Kouchi against right handed opponents.

    If he’s unable to attack directly with left Kouchi, he will set up the technique with a right Kouchi.

    This is designed to destabilise the opponent and push the right leg ba...

  • Skipping Variation | Kouchi Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 3

    Kirill Denisov has one of the most complete Tachi waza repertoires in competitive judo.

    His two big forward throws – Uchi mata and Tai otoshi – are complemented beautifully with his three highest scoring Ashi waza – Kosoto gari, De ashi barai and Kouchi gari.

    His skipping Kouchi gari works from...

  • Competition variations | Kouchi Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 4

    Kirill Denisov’s most successful Kouchi gari in competition is his skipping variation.

    In the 2011 Baku Masters, against Lithuania’s Bauza, Denisov skips in with a really quick Kouchi gari to score Waza ari.

    With an unusual over the back and cross lapel grip, Denisov wastes no time in initiatin...