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Kouchi gari

Kouchi gari

13 Seasons

Numerous Olympic Champions reveal one of their most effective weapons, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

Learn classical Kouchi gari from Keiji Suzuki and Mark Huizinga, off the sleeve variations from Kayla Harrison, combinations from Lucie Decosse, Kouchi Makikomi from Ki-young Jeon and Toshihiko Koga, and Kouchi gake from Ole Bischof.

Kouchi gari
  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi gari

    Episode 1

    One technique that Huizinga used throughout is entire career was Kouchi gari

  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi makikomi - right

    Episode 2

    To complement Huizinga's deadly Seoi nage he uses his right handed Kouchi makikomi.

  • Mark Huizinga - Kouchi makikomi - left

    Episode 3

    Mark Huizinga shows his left handed Kouchi makikomi from a sleeve grip, which perfectly compliments his Sode tsurikomi goshi. To meet new judo rules be careful not to touch the leg when performing Kouchi makikomi