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Kouchi gari

Kouchi gari

13 Seasons

Numerous Olympic Champions reveal one of their most effective weapons, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

Learn classical Kouchi gari from Keiji Suzuki and Mark Huizinga, off the sleeve variations from Kayla Harrison, combinations from Lucie Decosse, Kouchi Makikomi from Ki-young Jeon and Toshihiko Koga, and Kouchi gake from Ole Bischof.

Kouchi gari
  • Overview | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 1

    Here is Ugo Legrand’s Kouchi Gari. This attack all comes off of his Kosoto twitch. The twitch is used to make Uke move into a position that allows Legrand to attack with his Kouchi Gari.

    This attack bears many similarities to Daniel Fernandez’s Kouchi, as it was Fernandez who taught it to Legra...

  • Set Up | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 2

    Legrand starts his Kouchi by bunching up Uke’s sleeve with his right hand. With his left, he comes inside Uke’s lapel grip and then takes his arm up and over their back. In doing this he closes the distance to Uke

    Legrand takes a deep grip, reaching for their lower back with his left arm. Grabb...

  • Skip And Execution | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 3

    With the set up complete, the next stage of Legrand’s Kouchi all comes from the skip across. This skip allows him the time to wait and catch the leg at the perfect moment.

    Legrand found that when he did the standard Kouchi Gari step, he would feel fixed and it never flowed. However with the skip...

  • Competition Variations | Kouchi Gari | Ugo Legrand

    Episode 4

    You’ve seen how Legrand demonstrates his Kouchi gari, now let’s analyse how he executed it in competition.

    Fighting Romania’s Danculea at the 2010 Tokyo Worlds, Legrand is fighting to keep the sleeve grip. As Danculea tries to break it Legrand sends the left arm over the top and attacks with the...