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Kosoto Gari

Kosoto Gari

11 Seasons

The one-handed Kosoto gari by Japan's Keiji Suzuki in the Openweight final of the 2003 World Championships is widely regarded as the greatest Ashi waza of all time.

Now it's your chance to learn this amazing technique, as Suzuki takes you through a Kosoto masterclass. Also don't miss the numerous variations of Ugo Legrand and the amazing Osoto - Kosoto combination of Winston Gordon.

Kosoto Gari
  • Overview | Twitch Kosoto Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 1

    Five time World medallist Kirill Denisov’s Kosoto gari comes from the threat of his highly effective Uchi mata.

    His twitch for the forward throwing Uchi mata gets the reaction in the opponent that allows for the rear throwing Kosoto.

    Denisov has two main variations from the twitch.

    The first ...

  • Tobikomi Variation | Twitch Kosoto Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 2

    For the first time on Superstar Judo we can reveal Kirill Denisov’s Tobikomi Kosoto gari.

    His amazing jump in variation of this classical Ashi waza is one of the most spectacular throws currently seen on the International Judo Federation’s World Circuit.

    He’s used it time and time again, year a...

  • Arm Clamp Variation | Twitch Kosoto Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 3

    Here is Kirill Denisov’s arm clamp variation of his Kosoto gari.

    With both judoka fighting to get their hip in front, in order to throw forwards, Denisov uses this moment to feint for his Uchi mata, and then go backwards for the Kosoto.

    This usually comes about from the opponent wanting to thro...

  • Competition Variations | Twitch Kosoto Gari | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 4

    In this clip we look at the competition variations of Kirill Denisov’s Kosoto gari.

    In the final of the 2016 Qingdao Grand Prix, Denisov fights to get the sleeve of Mongolia’s Khutag.

    As soon as he does, he wastes no time in throwing with a beautiful Tobikomi Kosoto gari.

    Just look at that big...