Keiji Suzuki

Keiji Suzuki

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In our opinion, Keiji Suzuki is without question the world's leading expert on Ashi waza.

Suzuki fought in the same era as his great Japanese rival Kosei Inoue. In 2002, when Suzuki started making a name for himself, Inoue was already an international superstar, having won two World Championships and the 2000 Olympic Games.

Suzuki designed a judo system that was based on every type of judo opponent and scenario. His repertoire of techniques catered for every direction, every type of grip and every style of opponent.

This is the first time Suzuki has revealed his Ashi waza to the world. He breaks down each and every Ashi waza, showing grips, leg movement, foot placement, posture, balance, weight transference and execution. There is also the chance to see Suzuki using his Ashi waza at the world's biggest competitions.

We filmed in the same Kodokan dojo that FF used to film the great Toshihiko Koga back in 2001. It was a real pleasure and honour to work with Suzuki. He is a true hero of ours. He epitomises everything that is great about judo. He opened our eyes to the real capabilities of Ashi waza and judo. We cannot wait to share with you his ideas, concepts and techniques.

This is judo in its purest form.

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Keiji Suzuki