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Kansetsu waza

Kansetsu waza

11 Seasons

Double Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison reveals her most effective Newaza technique - Juji gatame - across nine brilliant videos, exclusively on Superstar Judo.

She is joined by eight of world judo's groundwork experts, all of whom coach some of the most successful armlocks ever seen in top level competition.

Don't miss Gordon's Juji gatame into Osaekomi, Burton's transition from standing, Bischof's Ashi Sankaku garami and some great variations from Adams.

Kansetsu waza
  • Overview | Ude Gatame | Kirill Denisov

    Episode 1

    Five-time World medallist Kirill Denisov is mainly a Tachi waza man. But he does have one very effective and decisive piece of Ne waza.

    Denisov’s Ude gatame is set up from a standing position. He learnt it from his former coach; Russian heavyweight legend Tamerlan Tmenov.

    Denisov will use Ude g...