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Jeon, Korean Judo Master

Jeon, Korean Judo Master

4 Seasons

Ki-young Jeon is widely regarded as the greatest judoka from Korea. The triple World and Olympic Champion gives a unique insight into his style of judo, and the techniques that brought him so much success.

Don't miss out on his multiple variations of drop Seoi nage and his combination techniques.

Jeon, Korean Judo Master
  • Introduction To Judo | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 1

    Dr Jung Haeng Kim, the President of the Korean judo association talk about Jeon and what separates him from the rest. Jeon then talks about how and why he started judo

  • First Competition | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 2

    Jeon talks about his first tournament, and how losing in the quarter-final spurred him on. He talks about how he wanted to quit many times and how he felt when he got his first gold medal

  • Mentor | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 3

    Jeon talks about his most influential mentor, his high school coach, and how he made a unique training programme for all of his students. Jeon talks about what his weaknesses were and the plan he was given

  • 1993 Worlds Final | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 4

    Jeon talks about fighting Yoshida in the 1993 World final, and what he kept telling himself before the fight. He talks about his attitude towards the fight and how he went on to win

  • Moving Up A Weight | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 5

    Jeon talks about how he struggled to maintain his weight, and how an old rivalry caused him to make the decision to move up a weight category

  • 1995 Worlds Final | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 6

    Jeon talks about his re-match with Yoshida in the 1995 Worlds final. He talks about how it felt to face a national judo hero on his home turf

  • 1996 Olympic Final | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 7

    Jeon talks about his mental imaging the night before the contest, and how he felt fighting an unknown in the Olympic final

  • The Next Generation | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 8

    Jeon gives his advice to people who want to the best, and Neil Adams discusses the future of Korean judo

  • Retiring | Interview | Ki-Young Jeon

    Episode 9

    Jeon talks about the 3 main reasons he decided to retire from competitive judo