Harai goshi

Harai goshi

8 Seasons

The basics and principles of Harai goshi come from GB's Euan Burton, who also reveals his very effective Harai Makikomi.

Japan's triple World and Olympic Champion Kosei Inoue shows how Harai can compliment Uchi mata, whilst Darcel Yandzi and Winston Gordon showcase the spinning variations.

Harai goshi
  • The Gokyo - Harai goshi

    Episode 1

    The Gokyo version of Harai goshi, demonstrated by Neil Adams.

  • Agbegnenou's Harai makikomi | Neil Adams

    Episode 2

    Neil Adams analyses the -63kg final of the Baku World Championships between Agbegnenou (FRA) and Tashiro (JPN). Positive and dominant Kumi kata sets up the exciting French fighter for another World title.