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Harai goshi

Harai goshi

8 Seasons

The basics and principles of Harai goshi come from GB's Euan Burton, who also reveals his very effective Harai Makikomi.

Japan's triple World and Olympic Champion Kosei Inoue shows how Harai can compliment Uchi mata, whilst Darcel Yandzi and Winston Gordon showcase the spinning variations.

Harai goshi
  • Harai goshi | Judo Principles

    Episode 1

    Euan Burton and Gemma Gibbons show the principles of posture and positioning for Harai goshi.

  • Harai Goshi | Basics With Burton

    Episode 2

    Euan Burton takes you through the basics of harai goshi

  • Harai Goshi | Kosei Inoue

    Episode 3

    The technique Inoue scored Ippon with in the 2003 World Championships final

  • Spinning Harai goshi - Overview | Winston Gordon

    Episode 4

    Triple Olympian Winston Gordon introduces his spinning Harai goshi.

  • Spinning Harai goshi - Set-up | Winston Gordon

    Episode 5

    Winston Gordon shows how he sets up his spinning Harai goshi.

  • Spinning Harai goshi - Pivot and Execution | Winston Gordon

    Episode 6

    Gordon shows the pivot on his feet, execution and competition examples for his spinning Harai goshi.

  • Spinning Harai goshi | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 7

    Darcel Yandzi introduces his Spinning Harai goshi against an opposite stance opponent.

  • Upper body | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 8

    Learn the upper body details for this spinning attack and how it differs from Spinning Uchimata.

  • Lower body and Execution | Darcel Yandzi

    Episode 9

    Examine the lower body movements and how to complete the Spinning Harai goshi.

  • Harai Makikomi | Euan Burton

    Episode 10

    Double World medallist Euan Burton shows his very unusual Harai makikomi. The wrap up of the arm is the same as his Uchi mata makikomi.

  • Harai goshi | The Gokyo

    Episode 11

    The Gokyo version of Harai goshi, demonstrated by Neil Adams.

  • Agbegnenou's Harai Makikomi | Neil Adams

    Episode 12

    Neil Adams analyses the -63kg final of the Baku World Championships between Agbegnenou (FRA) and Tashiro (JPN). Positive and dominant Kumi kata sets up the exciting French fighter for another World title.

  • Overview | Uchi Mata & Harai Goshi | Colin Oates

    Episode 13

    Colin Oates says that when it comes to his Uchi mata and Harai goshi he has one key thing in mind, which is how to get a reaction from his partner.

    It’s this reaction that generates the crucial momentum that he needs in order to throw.

    His standard variations of both Uchi mata and Harai goshi a...

  • Kosoto Gari Twitch | Uchi Mata & Harai Goshi | Colin Oates

    Episode 14

    Colin Oates says that when it comes to his Uchi mata and Harai goshi, his focus is on getting his partner into a position where it’s easy to throw them.

    He does this by twitching for Kosoto gari.

    With the partner not wanting to be thrown backwards he shifts his weight forwards.

    Ideal for Uchi...

  • Off The Sleeve | Uchi Mata & Harai Goshi | Colin Oates

    Episode 15

    Colin Oates has a variation of Uchi mata that he uses when his left sleeve is being pinned. It works on the same principle as the Korean off the sleeve Tai otoshi, where you lure the opponent into the throw by pretending to break off their sleeve grip.

    Here, the opponent prevents Oates from taki...

  • Competition Variations | Uchi Mata & Harai Goshi | Colin Oates

    Episode 16

    In this clip we look at the competition variations of Colin Oates’s Harai goshi and Uchi mata.

    On his way to a 5th place at the 2011 World Championships, Colin Oates scores Yuko from an Uchi mata – Ashi guruma hybrid technique, against Moldova’s Soroca.

    With a sleeve and back grip Oates uses th...