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Euan Burton

Euan Burton

5 Seasons

Multiple World and European medalist Euan Burton reveals the techniques that transformed him from 'an unexceptional teenage judoka' to one of the best in the world.

In his own words: "I will break down the gripping, preparation, attack system and newaza that I built my judo around and show you how, by taking care of the basics, you can take your competitive judo to the next level."

Euan Burton
  • Uchi mata | Euan Burton

    Episode 1

    Double World and triple European medallist Burton shows one of his major scoring techniques.

  • Uchi mata makikomi | Euan Burton

    Episode 2

    Double World medallist Euan Burton shows his very unusual Uchi mata makikomi, which involves wrapping up his opponent's arm and latching onto his own jacket.

  • Harai Makikomi | Euan Burton

    Episode 3

    Double World medallist Euan Burton shows his very unusual Harai makikomi. The wrap up of the arm is the same as his Uchi mata makikomi.

  • Yama arashi | Euan Burton

    Episode 4

    Tokyo Grand Slam winner Burton demonstrates a deadly Yama arashi, breaking it down into incredible detail.

  • Sumi gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 5

    A right handed fighter, Burton’s Sumi gaeshi comes from a left handed lapel grip, with his right hand taking a cross lapel grip.

  • Arm wrap Sumi gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 6

    Burton’s arm wrap variation of Sumi gaeshi perfectly complements his forwards Makikomi techniques.

  • Yoko sumi gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 7

    Burton has a very unusual Yoko sumi gaeshi, which he uses when his opponent tries to defend his standard Sumi gaeshi.

  • Uchi mata gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 8

    Burton’s Uchi mata gaeshi starts from his favoured high sleeve and collar grip. Like most of his techniques he has his own unique version of the technique.

  • Osoto gari | Euan Burton

    Episode 9

    Burton’s Osoto gari usually comes when he’s in an extreme right versus right stance.

  • Osoto gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 10

    Burton has a strong counter attack to an opponent who likes to throw with Osoto gari. This was the technique that he used to win his first European Championships medal.

  • Kosoto gari | Euan Burton

    Episode 11

    Euan Burton’s Kosoto gari, like many of his techniques, is unconventional.

  • Kosoto gake counter - drop Seoi nage | Euan Burton

    Episode 12

    Burton shows his Kosoto gake counter to drop Seoi nage