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Drop Seoi Nage

Drop Seoi Nage

9 Seasons

Drop Seoi nage is one of the fastest and most explosive throws in judo.

Germany's Olympic Champion Ole Bischof made it his speciality. On Superstar Judo he reveals all three of his drop Seoi nages, including his amazing reverse variation. And don't miss out on the beautiful variations of Korea's Ki-young Jeon, with drop Seoi nage being one of his most effective throws.

Drop Seoi Nage
  • Overview | Drop Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 1

    Against right handers, Dimitri Dragin’s focus is getting Uke out of their right handed stance. But when against left handers feels he can attack without a large set-up - his favourite technique in this situation is a Left Drop Seoi Nage.

    Dragin will only do this attack if he is dominating the K...

  • Set Up & Square Position | Drop Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 2

    Being in a right vs left scenario, Dragin wants to take a lapel grip with his right hand.

    To get the control he needs, Dragin wants his lapel grip to be on the inside of his opponents.

    With this grip he can create distance from Uke by pushing his hand into their chest.

    Even if they try to pus...

  • Breaking The Balance & Execution | Drop Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 3

    From the square position, Dragin needs to break Uke’s balance.

    The aim is to get them coming forward up onto their toes.

    In this instance it isn’t done by just pulling on the lapel. Instead it’s more a flick of the wrist, like a fly fishing movement.

    As Dragin flicks the lapel up, he simulta...

  • Ashi Waza Set Up | Drop Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 4

    Although Dragin preferred to use his Drop Seoi on opposite stance opponents, that didn't stop him having success with it against same stance opponents.

    The execution of the throw is very much identical to that on opposite stance opponents.

    The main difference is the set up, getting in the posi...

  • Competition Variations | Drop Seoi Nage | Dimitri Dragin

    Episode 5

    Dragin has covered all the in’s and out’s of his Left Drop Seoi Nage, and how to make it successful, now let’s look how he executed it in competition.

    In front of his home crowd at the 2010 Paris Grand Slam, Dragin executes two Seoi Nage’s to get the win against Peru’s Postigos. The 1st starts f...