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Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Watch this video and more on Superstar Judo

Dimitri Dragin

Lower Body | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme Right | Dimitri Dragin

Episode 3 • 4m 12s

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  • Execution | De Ashi Barai VS Extreme ...

    Dragin states that ‘the timing for the sweep is of utmost importance, it must come right at the last second.

    Uke is almost up in the air before the contact is made.

    Dragin wants the under-side of his foot to connect with Uke’s leg.

    In order to do this, he needs to make sure that he opens his h...

  • Competition Examples | De Ashi Barai ...

    Now let’s look at Dimitri Dragin using his De Ashi Barai in competition against opponent’s in an extreme right handed stance.

    At the 2011 World Team Championships in Paris, Dragin executes what is considered to be one of the greatest pieces of Ashi-Waza ever seen on the international stage.


  • Overview | De Ashi Barai VS Standard ...

    Here is Dimitri Dragin’s De Ashi Barai from a standard right vs right position.

    Of all of Dragin’s De Ashi Barai variations this was his most successful.

    It’s a perfect example of what Dragin’s Judo is all about.

    Using his whole body to apply pressure onto his opponent, getting a reaction and ...