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Darcel Yandzi

Darcel Yandzi

8 Seasons

Darcel Yandzi, former European Champion and World medallist, is widely regarded as one of the world's leading technical coaches.

He currently works with the French national team and is one of three coaches for Teddy Riner, the record holding eight times World Champion and double Olympic Champion.

What makes Yandzi so special and unique is his amazing rhythm and movement, combined with a relaxed, yet explosive nature.

His judo is a mixture of feints, quick step movements and combinations. Yandzi's big techniques all work off of each other, with him able to effortlessly blend one throw into another.

The judo of Yandzi will open your mind to the different movements and possibilities there are for each and every individual technique.

Studied in depth you will start to find ways to combine your biggest throws and how to incorporate new ones.

Darcel Yandzi is one of the most sought after coaches on the international circuit. Now for the first time Darcel is available to you as your personal coach on rhythm, movement and combinations.

Enjoy his judo. It's a lot of fun!

Darcel Yandzi