Counter attacks

Counter attacks

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In this collection you have a chance to witness some of the most effective and unusual counter attacks ever seen, as Mongolian World Champion Khashbaatar reveals counters to Ouchi gari and Kouchi gari.

Jeon, Inoue, Huizinga and Burton all teach ways to turn Uchi mata to your advantage, whilst Tchrikishvili shows the biggest counter attack of the lot - Ura nage. And make sure you don't miss 'The Bischof Counter'.

Counter attacks
  • Bischof Counter - Overview | Ole Bischof

    Episode 1

    This is an amazing counter attack that Olympic Champion Ole Bischof developed! Learn it now! This video is part 1 of 3.

  • Bischof Counter - Posture, grips & execution | Ole Bischof

    Episode 2

    Here are the posture, grips and execution for Ole Bischof's amazing counter attack that he developed! This video is part 2 of 3

  • Game for back strength | Ole Bischof

    Episode 3

    This game of Ole Bischof's is typical of the creativity that enabled him to develop so many unique techniques. These all contributed to his remarkable Olympic success. This video is part 3 of 3.