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Counter attacks

Counter attacks

11 Seasons

In this collection you have a chance to witness some of the most effective and unusual counter attacks ever seen, as Mongolian World Champion Khashbaatar reveals counters to Ouchi gari and Kouchi gari.

Jeon, Inoue, Huizinga and Burton all teach ways to turn Uchi mata to your advantage, whilst Tchrikishvili shows the biggest counter attack of the lot - Ura nage. And make sure you don't miss 'The Bischof Counter'.

Counter attacks
  • Uchi mata gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 1

    Burton’s Uchi mata gaeshi starts from his favoured high sleeve and collar grip. Like most of his techniques he has his own unique version of the technique.

  • Osoto gaeshi | Euan Burton

    Episode 2

    Burton has a strong counter attack to an opponent who likes to throw with Osoto gari. This was the technique that he used to win his first European Championships medal.

  • Kosoto gake counter - drop Seoi nage | Euan Burton

    Episode 3

    Burton shows his Kosoto gake counter to drop Seoi nage

  • Kosei Inoue - Uchi mata sukashi

    Episode 4

    Kosei Inoue was not only the master in throwing people with Uchimata. He was also very good at counter-attacking his opponent's Uchimatas. Here Inoue demonstrates his Uchimata sukashi.

  • Udo Quellmalz - Kouchi gari as a counter

    Episode 5

    Quellmalz demonstrates how to use Kouchi gari as a counter

  • Mark Huizinga - Uchi mata sukashi

    Episode 6

    Mark Huizinga had a great understanding of Uchimata. It helped him develop a beautiful side stepping counter attack to the technique

  • Toshihiko Koga - Ura nage - Counter

    Episode 7

    Koga's Ura nage is used as a counter attack when his opponent attacks with drop Seoi nage

  • Ilyasov's Kosoto gari counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 8

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses a Kosoto gari counter attack that comes from being attacked with Kosoto gari!

  • Mollaei's Kosoto counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 9

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses Iran's Saeid Mollaei's Kosoto counter, from the -81kg Quarter-final contest at the 2017 World Championships

  • Neil Adams - Uchi mata counter

    Episode 10

    In this clip Neil Adams demonstrates a counter to Uchi mata

  • Cirjenics’ Kouchi counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 11

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses Miklos Cirjenics' (HUN) Kouchi gari as a counter from the Semi final and Final of the 2017 Zagreb Grand Prix.

  • Khabareli Pick-Up/Ouchi Gari Counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 12

    Neil Adams analyses Ivaylo Ivanov's (BUL) amazing modified Khabareli pick-up against double World Champion Ki-chun Wang (KOR) in the -81kgs final of the 2016 Samsun Grand Prix.

  • -73kg Shohei Ono's (JPN) counter attacks | Neil Adams | Rio 2016

    Episode 13

    Neil Adams analyses 2016 Olympic Champion Shohei Ono's (JPN) Tani otoshi and Ura nage counter attacks.

  • Fonseca's Osoto counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 14

    Jorge Fonseca (POR) makes Toma Nikiforov (BEL) pay for over reaching with Osoto gari with a massive counter. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2018.

  • Counter attacks to the new rules | Neil Adams

    Episode 15

    Former World Champion Neil Adams analyses two different types of counter attacks; one that is scored the way of the opponent and one that is scored the way judoka executing the counter attack

  • Papinashvili's counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 16

    Neil shows how Amiran Papinashvili (GEO) took advantage of Orkhan Safarov's over stretch to take the Azerbaijani over for Ippon in the 4th round of the Baku World Judo Championships 2018,

  • Boboev's Uchi mata sukashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 17

    Former World Champion and IJF Expert Neil Adams analyses a great example of how to counter Uchi-mata from Uzbekistan's Boboev in the bronze medal contest of the 2016 Tokyo Grand Slam