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12 Seasons

In this collection you can learn some of the most unusual and exciting combination techniques ever seen in judo.

Double Olympic Champions Suzuki and Harrison reveal two truly breathtaking combinations, whilst some stunning Ashi waza variations are taught by Decosse, Inoue, Gordon and Davaadorj.

  • Overview | Combinations | Suzuki

    Episode 1

    Suzuki found that bigger, stronger opponents would try and dominate his head and pull him in. He had to find ways to unsettle them – De Ashi Barai, and this combination was his answer.

    Fearful of this attack, it worked as a great deterrent to his opponent ’s, who would be reluctant to pull hi...

  • Upper Body | Combinations | Suzuki

    Episode 2

    There are two clear upper body movements for this combination, and they are both lead by the collar hand.

    First, Suzuki pulls their upper body down and to the left, and then he changes direction, rotating Uke with both arms in a steering wheel type motion.

  • Lower Body | Combinations | Suzuki

    Episode 3

    The lower body has two clear directions. The Kouchi comes first; it’s a big kicking action, but Suzuki places his power and weight onto his supporting leg, giving his left leg a light feeling to it.

    Next, he places his left leg down and before Uke can adjust catches their outstretched leg with...

  • Sasae, Kouchi, De Ashi combination | Suzuki

    Episode 4

    The Sasae into the Kouchi requires a quick bit of footwork as you are attacking with the same leg twice. He does a sort of ‘hop step’, first placing his right foot down then immediately switching back to his left.

    He does it all from the left collar and sleeve grip that he uses for both Kouchi...