12 Seasons

In this collection you can learn some of the most unusual and exciting combination techniques ever seen in judo.

Double Olympic Champions Suzuki and Harrison reveal two truly breathtaking combinations, whilst some stunning Ashi waza variations are taught by Decosse, Inoue, Gordon and Davaadorj.

  • Kosei Inoue - Osoto gari from Ouchi gari attack

    Episode 1

    Inoue uses one of his favourite techniques - Ouchi gari - to get a big reaction from his opponent before stepping in with a huge Osoto gari. This clip also includes Inoue's single-sided Osoto gari

  • Kosei Inoue - Osoto gari from kouchi gari attack

    Episode 2

    See how Inoue sets up his devastating Osoto gari from a Kosoto gari attack

  • Kosei Inoue - Ashi waza

    Episode 3

    Inoue demonstrates all three variations of his Ashi waza - Kosoto gari, De ashi barai and Okuri ashi barai