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Colin Oates

Colin Oates

8 Seasons

Great Britain's Multiple European Medallist Colin Oates joins Superstar Judo as your latest coach

Colin Oates
  • Overview | Kosoto Gari | Colin Oates

    Episode 1

    Colin Oates has two excellent Kosoto garis which he uses against same stance opponents. The first is his sticky foot variation.

    He says that sticky foot Kosoto gari is particularly useful against opponents who adopt an extreme stance.

    It works on the basis of trapping your opponent in their mov...

  • Sticky Foot | Kosoto Gari | Colin Oates

    Episode 2

    Colin Oates’s Kosoto gari is a three part trap; it starts by forcing Uke to pull away, then locks their lower leg into position, and finally the sticking to their foot - all of which contribute to the momentum of this throw.

    The initial trap comes from the threat of a standard direction of attac...

  • Bearhug | Kosoto Gari | Colin Oates

    Episode 3

    Colin Oates’s bear-hug Kosoto gari is used against left handed opponents that come out in a right stance. In this situation an opponent would normally be looking to win the grip-fight, taking a high left handed grip, before switching to their preferred left stance.

    So the response from Oates is ...

  • Competition Variations | Kosoto Gari | Colin Oates

    Episode 4

    In this clip we see how Colin Oates used his Kosoto gari in compeititon, and how it varied as he adapted it to each specific scenario

    On his way to winning the bronze medal at the 2013 Rijeka Grand Prix, Colin Oates produces a beautiful sticky foot Kosoto gari in the eliminations.

    After pulling...