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Colin Oates

Colin Oates

8 Seasons

Great Britain's Multiple European Medallist Colin Oates joins Superstar Judo as your latest coach

Colin Oates
  • Overview | Leg Escape | Colin Oates

    Episode 1

    Colin Oates used Sumi Gaeshi not only as a way to score from standing, but as his primary method of initiating Newaza. His leg escape into Mune Gatame worked hand-in-hand with his Sumi Gaeshi. So much so that Oates would regularly attack with Sumi Gaeshi with the intention actually being to set-u...

  • Tie Off Variation | Leg Escape | Colin Oates

    Episode 2

    Sometimes Colin Oates’s opponents would catch the leg far too tightly for him to free it in his usual manner. So he developed a tie off variation of his leg escape into Mune Gatame, so that he wasn’t trying to free the leg using his lower body alone.

    If the partner has managed to keep a tight gr...

  • Reverse Variation | Leg Escape | Colin Oates

    Episode 3

    When opponents became familiar with Colin Oates’s leg escape they would start bringing their arm in tight to their body, to prevent him from going under their armpit. So he developed a reverse variation, prising their elbow up and entering from the opposite direction.

    Once inside, he secures th...

  • Competition Variations | Leg Escape | Colin Oates

    Episode 4

    In this clip we will look at competition variations of Colin Oates’ leg escape

    On his way to the bronze medal at the 2014 Samsun Grand Prix, Colin Oates defeats Georgia’s Tatarashvili using his leg escape after a failed drop Seoi nage attempt by his opponent.

    As Oates tries to release the leg, ...