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Colin Oates

Colin Oates

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Colin Oates
  • Overview | Sumi Gaeshi | Colin Oates

    Multiple European Medallist Colin Oates is best known for his Sumi gaeshi - it was the technique he scored with most, and he had a total of four variations.

    Throughout his entire competitive career, Oates was tweaking, improving and adding different elements to his Sumi gaeshi. There were three ...

  • Contact Against Chest | Kumi Kata VS Same Stance | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates is a left handed fighter. When up against same stance opponents, those also in a left stance, his only thought as he took to the mat was ‘stop the left hand’.

    He did this initially by targeting his partner’s left shoulder and chest, before transitioning down to a sleeve grip.

    Here, ...

  • Sleeve Pull Through | Kumi Kata VS Opposite Stance | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates says that in his early competitive career he spent a lot of the time finding ways to neutralise his opponent’s attacking abilities.

    Against right handed opponents his principle gripping technique was the sleeve pull through. He credits the pull through as one of the main reasons he h...

  • Overview | Leg Escape | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates used Sumi Gaeshi not only as a way to score from standing, but as his primary method of initiating Newaza. His leg escape into Mune Gatame worked hand-in-hand with his Sumi Gaeshi. So much so that Oates would regularly attack with Sumi Gaeshi with the intention actually being to set-u...

  • Overview | Kosoto Gari | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates has two excellent Kosoto garis which he uses against same stance opponents. The first is his sticky foot variation.

    He says that sticky foot Kosoto gari is particularly useful against opponents who adopt an extreme stance.

    It works on the basis of trapping your opponent in their mov...

  • Overview | Arm Tie Roll | Colin Oates

    In the later part of his competitive career Colin Oates was regarded as one of the best lightweight Newaza technicians in the world.

    Oates says that it was his groundwork that elevated him from an average international competitor to being inside the top five in his weight.

    He had two techniques...

  • Overview | Uchi Mata & Harai Goshi | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates says that when it comes to his Uchi mata and Harai goshi he has one key thing in mind, which is how to get a reaction from his partner.

    It’s this reaction that generates the crucial momentum that he needs in order to throw.

    His standard variations of both Uchi mata and Harai goshi a...

  • Starting Judo | Interview | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates talks about how he started judo

  • Judo Tactics | Interview | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates discusses his judo tactics

  • Advice For Aspiring Judoka | Interview | Colin Oates

    Colin Oates gives advice for all judoka who are aspiring to be better