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Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams

Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams

5 Seasons

When it comes down to the ins and outs of a fight, what is the crucial factor that wins someone a gold medal at a Grand Prix, at a Grand Slam, at a World Championships?

I look forward to you joining me on the mat.

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Analysis & Tactics with Neil Adams
  • Mohammadi's Osoto gari | Neil Adams

    Episode 1

    Baku World Judo Championships Quarter Finals - Mohammadi vs. Shavdatuasvili - Neil Adams looks at how the Georgian fell foul to the dynamic Iranian.

  • Agbegnenou's Harai makikomi | Neil Adams

    Episode 2

    Neil Adams analyses the -63kg final of the Baku World Championships between Agbegnenou (FRA) and Tashiro (JPN). Positive and dominant Kumi kata sets up the exciting French fighter for another World title.

  • Saraiva's Newaza | Neil Adams

    Episode 3

    Neil Adams demonstrates how the Portuguese judoka Nuno Saraiva got the better of the confident Italian Fabio Basile in Newaza, finishing Basile's 2018 World Judo Championships.

  • Gjakova's Kosoto gake | Neil Adams

    Episode 4

    Neil Adams analyses how Gjakova (KOS) scores ippon with a variation of Kosoto gake (Left versus Right) - action reaction - demonstrated in the 2018 World Judo Championships - and in our Dojo by Neil Adams and our Uke, Prisca Awiti-Alcaraz!

  • Nagayama's one handed Uchi mata | Neil Adams

    Episode 5

    Neil Adams analyses Nagayama's one handed Uchi mata - from the Baku World Championships 2018.

  • Abes Unusual hold down | Neil Adams

    Episode 6

    Neil Adams analyses Abe's unusual hold down - from the Baku World Championships 2018.

  • Mollaei’s reverse Kata guruma | Neil Adams

    Episode 7

    In the quarter finals of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018 Mollaei (IRI) catches both sleeves and takes Kabachirov (RUS) over for a reverse Kata guruma.

  • Kireeva’s Juji gatame | Neil Adams

    Episode 8

    Kireeva (RUS), from a dangerous position on her back, achieves the Juji gatame against Tanaka (JPN) in the Semi final of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018

  • Rekhviashvili’s spinning Tai otoshi | Neil Adams

    Episode 9

    Zebeda Rekhviashvili (GEO) uses a super fast grip switch to provide an opportunity to spin over Antonio Esposito (ITA) for a superb Ippon to win him the -81kg Bronze medal in the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • Mudranov’s Sasae tsurikomi ashi | Neil Adams

    Episode 10

    The Olympic champion Beslan Mudranov (RUS) takes advantage of the forward movement of Issam Bassou (MAR) to progress in the -60kg repechage of the Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018.

  • Sasaki's Uchi mata | Neil Adams

    Episode 11

    Sasaki of Japan manages to maintain his balance after a big attack from Mollaei (IRI), readjusting to switch the direction and using the momentum to score Ippon.

  • Oleinic's unorthodox roll | Neil Adams

    Episode 12

    Neil takes a look at an unusual roll in ne waza from Sergiu Oleinic (POR). Complete control means no way out for his opponent. 2018 Agadir Grand Prix.

  • Fonseca's Osoto counter | Neil Adams

    Episode 13

    Jorge Fonseca (POR) makes Toma Nikiforov (BEL) pay for over reaching with Osoto gari with a massive counter. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2018.

  • Frey's Tai otoshi | Neil Adams

    Episode 14

    Johannes Frey (GER) uses speed to his advantage to catch out his opponent in his new weight category of +100KG. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix 2018.

  • Awiti Alcaraz's Osoto gari | Neil Adams

    Episode 15

    Prisca Awiti Alcaraz (MEX) produces a huge Osoto gari despite having both sleeves pinned by USA's Alisha Galles. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix

  • Karapetian's Sode guruma jime | Neil Adams

    Episode 16

    Armenia's Ferdinand Karapetian shows some slick transition to catch Denis Iartcev (RUS) with Sode guruma jime. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Trbovc's Te waza | Neil Adams

    Episode 17

    Matjaz Trbovc (SLO) combines ashi waza with some great te waza to combat the high grip from his opponent and end the contest. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Konkina's ride and roll | Neil Adams

    Episode 18

    Anastasiia Konkina (RUS) capitalises on a half-hearted Ouchi gari attempt from France's Sarah Harachi. 2018 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

  • Margelidon's Seoi nage | Neil Adams

    Episode 19

    Canada's Arthur Margelidon produces an unorthodox Seoi nage, fully lifting his opponent and throwing off the opposite shoulder - 2018 Paris Grand Slam.

  • Bilodid's Ouchi gari | Neil Adams

    Episode 20

    Rising star Daria Bilodid (UKR) stuns reigning World champion Tonaki Funa of Japan with strong gripping and an explosive Ouchi gari to progress into the 2018 Paris Grand Slam Final.

  • Shavdatuashvili's grip | Neil Adams

    Episode 21

    Neil Analyses the great gripping which puts Shavdatuashvili in the driving seat in his Semi Final in the 2018 Paris Grand Slam.

  • Garcia Mesa's Uchi mata | Neil Adams

    Episode 22

    A fantastic example from the 2018 Tunis Grand Prix of how to catch an opponent after a poor technique - Garcia Mesa executes a great Uchi mata catching her opponent for an unexpected Ippon.

  • Maruyama's Hansoku-make | Neil Adams

    Episode 23

  • Riner's Kumi kata development | Neil Adams

    Episode 24

    Neil looks at the Kumi kata changes the great Teddy Riner made between Budapest and Marrakech World championships.